Saturday – August 11th

Join the FS Events Volunteers Team!

Saturday – August 11, 2018

Please see the volunteer opportunities listed below.

Email with the following information along with desired volunteer position.

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Lake Tye Triathlon Triathlon Volunteer Opportunities

Packet Pick-Up/Registration
Upon arrival, racers will pick up their race day packets. It will be your job to make sure that the correct packet gets to the correct racer. Registration will also be available for Sunday’s Events

Time Required: 0530-0700

Body Markers
Your job will be to mark the athlete’s arms with their race number and the athlete’s age on their left calf

Time Required: 0645-0700

Transition Area
You will monitor the bike transition area and keep all the racer’s equipment safe. You will help direct racers to the proper exits and entrances, making sure they don’t mount their bike too early. You will keep ALL spectators out of the transition area.

Time Required: 0645-1130

Swim Spotters/Lifeguards
You will be helping with the start and/or exit of the swim and directing the athletes back to the transition area as well as keeping an eye out on the swimmers from land. Also, if you have a kayak or stand-up paddle board and would like to help out in the water this one is DEFINITELY for you too.

Time Required: 0730-0915

Bike Course Monitor
You will be stationed at locations throughout the bike course making sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable triathlon. Bike course monitors are responsible for directing and cheering on the cyclists, protecting them from traffic at intersections and alerting them to course changes and obstacles. Monroe/Snohomish County Police Officers will provide traffic control. You must also keep spectators off the bike course and remove any debris in the road near your assigned area. If a cyclist goes down, monitors are responsible for directing other cyclists away from the accident. Bike course patrol or medical assistance should be contacted immediately. It is helpful to have a cell phone on the course.

Time Required: 0800-1000ish

Run Course Monitor
You will be stationed at various spots throughout the park, directing the athletes in the correct direction.

Time Required: 0830-until last athlete passes by

Water/AID Station
Water stations will be placed along the run course. You will hand out fluid replenishment to the athletes. Also, don’t be afraid to cheer until your voice is hoarse.

Time Required: 0830-until last athlete passes by

Finish Line
You will be removing the timing chip from the racer, handing out Finisher’s Medals, and passing out water.

Time Required: 0900-last finisher finishes

Food Set-Up/Distribution
Prepare and serve post race food such as ice cream, bagels, fruit, etc.

*All volunteers will receive a volunteer t-shirt. Thank you so much for your willingness to assist with the Lake Tye Triathlon. Without YOU, this event would not be possible.